RFID Document Management System


Companies are saving time and reducing man hours with the IFREEQ RFID Document and File Tracking System. Manual check-in and checkout processes take up an employee's precious time at work. It is also easy to lose important documents as they are moved throughout a building.

Now, personnel can quickly locate documents and monitor movement using an automated RFID tracking system.


Improved Security & Auditing for Businesses

IFREEQ RFID's document tracking system reduces the potential for lost or misplaced documents due to theft, improper handling, or absentmindedness. It also allows companies to see when and where documents are taken when they are checked out of the archives.

Businesses can track history of document movements that goes back months or years.

It also allows to create geofences around a building or on a single floor with the fixed RFID readers that IFREEQ provides. Whenever an RFID tag is detected by a reader located at a gate, an automatic alert is be sent to designated personnel. Businesses will know immediately when a document has been removed from the building without permission.


RFID Document Management System Provides

  • Classification of all documents by type (contract, legal file, product catalog, etc.)
  • Managing and controlling removal from certain locations and triggering alarms of unauthorized attempts
  • Locating individual file and document from crowded archives
  • Monitoring document traffic and history
  • Automated desks for document check-in & checkout
  • Credential and access management for handling specific documents
  • Flexible integration with existing systems, including digital document management systems

RFID Document Management System Applications

  • Document Tracking with RFID
  • RFID File Tracking
  • Document Management with RFID
  • File and Document Security with RFID