RFID in Packaging


The use of RFID in Packaging and handling is used to effectively facilitate the continuous movement of materials with high volume and which requires large storage spaces.

RFID is extremely beneficial in the packaging industry and is applied to all types of cardboard, paper, corrugated cardboard, and other such packaging materials.

RFID technology in packaging is very user friendly, as paper and cardboard products do not cause distortions in RFID signals. In addition, combined with the nature of production processes in this industry which moves a high volume of materials, RFID allows proper identification so you can benefit from knowing the real-time status of your production line and processes.

Regardless of the particular processes of each company, in general terms the RFID provides value where data is entered manually, or where accurate control is needed to deliver the product with quality and keep the customer loyal.


Raw Material, Receptions

At the reception of the raw material, locate and input in a single operation. RFID technology will allow you to locate and know where each coil is located.


Control the supplies to production, and the returns or remains thereof. The flow of goods can be recorded without difficulty in real time and without human intervention.

Guarantee Expeditions

Ensure deliveries to your customers and avoid the costs caused by incomplete or erroneous deliveries, all before loading the truck and automatically.