RFID Laudry


Accelerate processes; guarantee the traceability of garments, service improvement, loss reduction and much more is what RFID technology in laundries can provide.

IFREEQ has RFID solutions for applications in tracking textile elements for laundries, hotels and hospitals, thus facilitating:

  • Bed linen and hotel industry textiles
  • Staff clothing, uniforms
  • Sanitary clothing, with its special washing cycles
  • Another textile washing


Processes where RFID technology adds value

  • Separation by clients the washed clothes
  • Simplification of control processes
  • Precise clothing tracking management
  • Stock reductions
  • Elimination of unknown losses
  • Tracking cages, containers and delivery assets to customers
  • Washing time cycles with wear control

RFID Laundry Tags

We have a wide range of RFID tags designed for textile products, which go through all sorts of industrial washing processes, even ones with sterilization and ironing.

Entries Control

Know with certainty what items come from each customer, then distribute them according to the different washing processes while you ensure an accurate tracking.

Delivery Control

Guarantee your clients a correct delivery by controlling their shipments before uploading. Run efficient management of transport carts and containers.

Inventory Control

With a simple reading, you can do your entire inventory at once. You can also easily locate stored items either by sizes, measurements or by use.

Packaging and Tracking

During packaging, RFID technology will make it easier for you to control where each item has to go. It will update the tracking of life expectancy of the garments.

RFID Read Points

Put RFID reading points in processes you consider critical, such as transport ramps, entry and exit doors, packaging or control zones, etc.

SaaS Makes Hotels Smarter

Self-service, online check-in permission control

  • Secure cardless online system
  • Basic solution: smart door lock + elevator access control system + smart power supply
  • Advanced solution: cardless, facial recognition check-in

Higher management efficiency and lower costs

  • Hotels' major costs: labor + energy
  • IoT: reduces hotels' overall energy consumption and improves hotel services

Better experience

  • Smart voice control
  • More entertainment functions
  • Smart room renovation

Safety guarantee

  • Facial recognition and stranger management in public areas
  • Synchronizes security and alarm information (e.g. smoke alarms)

Stable and reliable platform

  • Stable and reliable system platform
  • Extensive experience in online operation of a large number of devices
  • Continuous service guarantee

Before Check-In

Smart value-added hotel services

  • VR room selection
  • Remotely turns on air conditioner
  • Online booking
  • Self-service check-in
  • Room unlocks with mobile phones

AI pad for"face swiping" check-in

  • AI algorithm
  • Precise recognition under backlighting
  • Wide angle
  • Facial recognition
  • Cloud-based management

After Check-In

Smart room control

  • Quickly unlock door
  • Room control
  • Online mall
  • Quick check-out

Enjoyable smart hotel experience

  • Custom scenes
  • Room services
  • Greeting music
  • Smart travel
  • Voice-controlled room
  • Convenient to extend stay
  • Online shopping