MJ-SD02 Dimmer Switch



  • Precision Dimming: Provides the best dimming performance for your home lights. It will automatically memorize the dimming level and dim back to the same brightness when you switch on next time;
  • Remote Control: Easily set the ambiance of any room and dim your lights from anywhere . You can schedule the lights to turn on at sunset;
  • Installation Note: Requires a neutral wire / one-pole light switch (not compatible with 3-way) / Secured 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network connection (Not support 5.0 GHz Wi-Fi)/ Used for Dimmable LED and All Incandescent Bulbs/support CFL Bulbs.
    MJ-SD02 Tuya Smart Dimmer Switch

    MJ-SD02 Tuya Smart Dimmer Switch

    App Control

    Your house can and should be a smart home. Enjoy the freedom of controlling your light switches, table lamps, small appliances and more from your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

    Regardless of Technology, our Dimmers, Lighting, Curtain and Scene switches provide safety, comfort and convenience through a very user friendly app named "Tuyasmart/SmartLife"on any iOS or Android device.

    Give you control over your home's devices with a tap of your phone screen from anywhere, whether you are in your sofa or on vacation.



    Keep your home interior and exterior well-lit. Turn lights on/off at scheduled times, like the front porch light on at 7:00PM and off at 7:00AM.

    Going on vacation? Set timers for your lights and they will turn on automatically as you like. Or, with a simple touch on your smartphone, control your lights - from anywhere!

    And all these smart switches can work with other devices based on Tuya Platform, you can check your home status via camera, senor. Keep your home always safety.

    MJ-SD02 Tuya Smart Dimmer Switch

    MJ-SD02 Tuya Smart Dimmer Switch

    Voice Control

    Use your voice! Tell your favorite voice assistant to grab the lights for you when you need an extra hand. "Alexa, turn on bedtime" can turn off every light in the house as your head hits the pillow.

    Heard a bump in the night? "Ok Google, turn Everything On" will shine a light on the situation.

    Everything, have never been so obedient before
    Say good night to Amazon Echo/Google Home, as say goodnight to the world.



    An automated home means less stress and worry. Get your day started right - set schedules to activate when you wake up.

    One Smart Phone can control everything, very convenient.

    Let your home do the heavy lifting while you enjoy the good life. The future is looking brighter than ever.

    MJ-SD02 Tuya Smart Dimmer Switch

    MJ-SD02 Tuya Smart Dimmer Switch

    No Hub Required

    The IFREEQ MJ-SD02 Dimmer Switch works with a secured 2.4GHz wireless network without the need for a separate hub. All you need is your smartphone, the Smart Life App and a Wi-Fi connection to start controlling your smart switch from anywhere.


    • The Wi-Fi series products work with any Wi-Fi(2.4GHz) router without the need for a separate hub.
    • The Wi-Fi+RF series products work with any Wi-Fi(2.4GHz) router, and RF function work with RF controller.
    • The Zigbee series products work with Tuya Zigbee Gateway.