TY-10GDT Alarm Kit



Thanks for using our wireless smart security home alarm system. This system will provide full protection in 24 hours all around the year for your house and property.

The wireless alarm system adopts the advanced digital security technology, it is of high reliability and low false alarm rate. Though the design is simple, function is very strong. It includes the functions of anti-fire, anti-burglar,anti-gas, anti-intrusion and SOS emergency, etc. The wireless detectors which pair with the system have humanized functions of anti-interference, avoiding the false alarm, etc. This alarm system is widely used in family, factories, schools, shops, convenience stores, villas, residential areas where needs to be protected.

To ensure your safety and proper use the system, please read this user manual carefully before installation. Please contact your local distributor or authorized technology service center for consulting if you encounter problems during installation.You also can call the after-sale service phone numbers of our company, our engineer will help to solve the problems.
TY-10GDT Tuya Smart Alarm Kit

TY-10GDT Tuya Smart Alarm Kit

App Control

Your house can and should be a smart home. Enjoy the freedom of monitoring your room from your smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Instant alerts with motion detection
Through the integration of sensors and other smart devices, the alarm is able to accurately determine when to alert you and notifies you on your phone.

Give you control over your home's alarm with a tap of your phone screen from anywhere, whether you are in your office or on vacation.


Security is Comfort

Advanced Detection: work with PIR sensor, door sensor, gas sensor, etc ; sends alerts as soon as determine is detected;

GSM Support: You can set 4 groups of alarm phone number & 3 groups of SMS phone number;

Build-in Battery: It can also work for 4 hours when power off, protect for 24 hours.

TY-10GDT Tuya Smart Alarm Kit


System Alarm

It means to guard all around your house while everyone is going out, all detectors of the host are under working. When the detectors were triggered by detecting source (anti-theft, fire prevention, gas leak, etc.) The alarm host will sound alarm. There are three methods to alarm.

TY-10GDT Tuya Smart Alarm Kit

System Disalarm

It means to stop the alarm when the host sounds or make the alarm system in the status of non-warning. After disarming, the host would not sound alarm even if you trigger the detectors. There are three methods to disarm.

TY-10GDT Tuya Smart Alarm Kit

System Stay Alarm

It means partial arming for the host when somebody is at home, and needs to enable peripheral: door, window, balcony and boundary detectors to prevent to trigger the indoor detectors which may cause improper alarm, then you shall select Stay Arm, just enable part of the detectors can be activated to make sound alarm and dis-activated the other part. There are two methods to stay alarm.

TY-10GDT Tuya Smart Alarm Kit


In emergency, press the SOS button on the remote controller, the system host will start alarm and call the present phone numbers automatically for help. There are two methods to start SOS emergency.

TY-10GDT Tuya Smart Alarm Kit

Alarm Host Status:
  • ARM light ON means Arm
  • ARM light OFF means Disarm
  • ARM light flash means Stay Arm
  • Status:
  • Status light flash, means the system is under setting status
  • Status light ON, means WIFI connected successful
  • Signal:
  • Signal light flash once per seconds means GSM is not initiated yet
  • Signal light flash every three seconds means GSM network is connected
    TY-10GDT Tuya Smart Alarm Kit

    TY-10GDT Tuya Smart Alarm Kit

    No Hub Required

    The IFREEQ JT-10GDT Wi-Fi+GSM Smart Alarm works with a secured 2.4GHz wireless network without the need for a separate hub. All you need is your smartphone, the Smart Life and a Wi-Fi connection to start controlling your alarm from anywhere.


    • The Wi-Fi series products work with any Wi-Fi(2.4GHz) router without the need for a separate hub.
    • The Wi-Fi+RF series products work with any Wi-Fi(2.4GHz) router, and RF function work with RF controller.
    • The Zigbee series products work with Tuya Zigbee Gateway.