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仓库安保 - 福瑞创新




根据Cargo Net在运输专题新闻网站上发布的信息,仅在美国,企业因仓库盗窃而蒙受的损失超过1.14亿美元。比之前2015年1亿多美元的盗窃案价值高出约13.3%。




  • 总是用物理隔断将货物收发的部分分开
  • 仓库的出入口应采用基于最新技术的强大物理门禁系统,对所有车辆和人员进行防护
  • 制定适当的政策,从仓库中清除垃圾和废料
  • 车辆装车应走单独通道,以提高仓库安全性
  • 安装闭路电视监控系统,对内外活动进行实时监控
  • 将仓库安全系统与库存管理系统相结合
  • 为了更好地进行安全管理,应做好仓库安全系统的分区工作
  • 在没有仓库工作人员监督的情况下,不允许访客在仓库内漫游
  • 安装适当的报警系统,以提醒您注意任何不幸或恶意活动
  • 建立适当的出货控制
  • 对进出仓库的车辆应做好检查工作
  • 仓库内外应安装适当的安全照明系统
  • 应在入口和出口检查站配备警卫
  • 应定期对仓库安全系统进行审查和维护
  • 消防器材应安装在适当位置



  • 对仓库区域、地点和当地犯罪记录进行适当评估
  • 总是尝试为仓库安全配备适合该特定区域的定制措施
  • 不应根据例外情况进行任何物理或逻辑访问
  • 实施最新的高科技实体门禁系统,与监控和报警系统相结合
  • 内部工作人员在聘用前应进行适当审查
  • 应严格遵守安全程序和政策

Warehouse Security


Why should a warehouse be concerned with setting up its security measures?

According to Cargo Net information published on Transport Topics News website, the businesses sustained over $114 million losses due to warehouse thefts in the USA only. It is about 13.3% higher than the previous value of the theft in 2015, which stood over $100 million.

There are many other incidents that have been reported in recent months across the USA. In such circumstances, every owner of the warehouse should be very much concerned about taking robust security measures for warehouse to safeguard its valuable inventory.

What is the ideal security arrangement for a warehouse?

The designing the ideal security measures for warehouse, which happens to be spread over a large area, needs the special attention to many components and factors.

  • Always make separate the portions with physical partitions for receiving and dispatching the goods
  • Entrance and exit doors of the warehouse should be guarded with powerful physical access control system based on the latest technologies for all vehicles and people
  • Devise a proper policy for trash and scrap removal from the warehouse
  • Vehicle loading should be done through separate channels for a better warehouse security
  • Install a CCTV surveillance system for live monitoring of the internal and external activities
  • Integrate warehouse security system with inventory management system
  • A proper zoning of the warehouse security system should be done for better security management
  • Don't allow visitors roaming in the warehouse without supervision of warehouse staff
  • Install proper alarm system to alert you for any misadventure or malicious activity
  • Establish a proper control for the outgoing shipping consignment
  • Proper inspection of the vehicles going in and out of the warehouse should be done
  • The proper security lighting system inside and outside the warehouse should be installed
  • Manned guards should be employed at the entrance and exit checkpoints
  • Regular review and maintenance of the warehouse security system should be done
  • Fire equipment should be installed at appropriate positions

What are some of the unique points a warehouse should take note when setting up its security process?

The main points that a warehouse should take note of include the following:

  • Proper assessment of warehouse area, locality and the local crime records
  • Always try to devices customized measures for warehouse security that are fit for that particular area
  • There should not be any physical or logical access on the basis of exceptions
  • Implement latest high tech physical access control systems integrated with the surveillance and alarm systems
  • Internal staff should be properly scrutinized before he/she is hired
  • The security procedures and policies should be followed strictly